Laura Laffrado on DH and 19th-century PNW poetry (4/10)

Please join us on Wednesday, April 10, at 3:30 p.m. in the Simpson Center (CMU 202) for a presentation by Dr. Laura Laffrado (Western Washington University) entitled “Digital Research, Literary Studies, and the Ella Higginson Project.” The talk should be of particular interest to those working on nineteenth-century American literature, women writers, poetry, literature …continue reading

The Return of the Nineteenth Century? Zoom roundtable (4/26)

Digital roundtable feat. Anna Kornbluh, Zach Samalin, Benjamin Morgan, and Nasser Mufti. Description: From income inequality to mass incarceration, the return of mass popular serial narrative to the new respectability culture of the “Second Gilded Age,” it has become vogue in popular writing about the present to identify an affinity between the 19th century and the early 21st. Meanwhile, 21st-century literary studies has reacted against the entrenched historicism of a previous generation …continue reading

WIP discussion with Alex McCauley (5/30)

Please join us on Thursday, 5/30 at 4pm in CMU 202 (Simpson Center seminar room) for a discussion of a draft dissertation chapter by Alex McCauley (English), “Dreams of a Drowned City.” Alex offers this by way of context/tantalization:  For reference, this is draft number one of my third chapter. It’s probably helpful for readers to know that …continue reading

Priti Joshi on Empire Circuits (5/22)

Please join the Eighteenth/Nineteenth Century Graduate Research Cluster today at 4:30pm in the Simpson Center (CMU 202) for a presentation by Dr. Priti Joshi (English, University of Puget Sound) entitled “Empire Circuits: Flow and Blockage in Anglo-Indian Newspapers.” This talk should be of particular interest to those working on empire studies, Victorian studies, and print culture.Special thanks to the …continue reading