V21 Summer Reading Group PNW 2018 (9/6-7)

For the second year running, the 18/19C Grad Research Cluster is organizing the V21 Collective Summer Reading Group for Seattle. The idea is to have an informal discussion about issues of enduring political significance for literary studies, framed through Victorian texts and recent scholarship on them. This year, we want to emphasize that we welcome scholars from all specializations as well as people who work on nineteenth-century Anglophone literature. The readings 
might be of particular interest to those working on queer theory and 
critical race theory. The more diverse the group we gather, the more 
fruitful our conversation will be. Check out #V21summer on Twitter to see the conversations other groups around the world have had. 

Logistical details, links to the readings, and framing questions are below. 
Informal is the emphasis here: read as much as you have time for, or come 
for the readings you’re most excited about. We will provide coffee, tea, 
and snacks, and those who want to will probably wander to the Ave for a 
relaxed group lunch. 

If you’re interested, please RSVP to Matt Poland so we can plan for snacks, etc. Additionally, if you’re particularly interested in a reading and would like to come up with a few guiding questions, let me know when you RSVP, too. Again, no stress: this will just get the discussion going. (N.b. that Wright’s Bad Logic is already spoken for.) 

Please let me know if you have questions, and forward this to anyone you 
think might be interested.