Quarterly Reading Group: transatlantic abolitionist poetry (2/28)

Please join us for our quarterly reading group meeting on Wed. 2/28 at 
3:30 pm in the Simpson Center (CMU 202/204). We will have tea, coffee, and snacks aplenty. 

We are focusing on transatlantic abolitionist poetry this time around, 
with Meredith McGill’s essay “Frances Ellen Watkins Harper and the Circuits of Abolitionist Poetry” (2012) and Rebecca D. Soares’s essay “Material Spirits and Immaterial Forms: The Immaterial Materiality of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Abolitionist Poetry” (2015). The essays examine Harper’s and Browning’s work through the context of performance, ephemerality, and material culture. 

The essays and a selection of FEWH’s and EBB’s poetry (some of which were pulled from The Often Unreliable Internet, so apologies for any misplaced lines that occur) can be accessed through this Google drive folder. Let us know if you have any troubles accessing the readings. Feel free to read as much or as little as you can, and we look forward to seeing you on Feb. 28!