WIP discussion with Alex McCauley (5/30)

Please join us on Thursday, 5/30 at 4pm in CMU 202 (Simpson Center seminar room) for a discussion of a draft dissertation chapter by Alex McCauley (English), “Dreams of a Drowned City.” Alex offers this by way of context/tantalization: 

For reference, this is draft number one of my third chapter. It’s probably helpful for readers to know that none of my chapters are organized around individual authors or texts. The first chapter discusses drowning and makes a case for understanding the drowned as a nineteenth-century population. The second discusses the liquefaction of humanity and degeneration theory. The scope is broadly the nineteenth-century, but there is a little bit of cheating on both ends of the hundred years. I’m still calling it “Victorian Atlantis,” even though it’s comparative rather than explicitly focused on British texts.